Friday, October 14, 2016

A Scotsman's commentary on a Sunday sermon

"What the man said was this--'at the sea 'at Peter gaed oot upo' wasna first an' foremost to be luikit upon as a teep [type] o' the inward an' spiritual troubles o' the believer, still less o' the troubles o' the church o' Christ. The Lord deals wi' fac's nane the less 'at they canna help bein' teeps.

Here was terrible fac's to Peter. Here was angry watter an' roarin' win'; here was danger an' fear: the man had to trust or gang doon.
  • Gien the hoose be on fire we maun trust; 
  • gien the watter gang ower oor heids we maun trust; 
  • gien the horse rin awa', we maun trust. 
Him 'at canna trust in siclike conditions, I wadna gie a plack for ony ither kin' o' faith he may hae. God 's nae a mere thoucht i' the warl' o' thoucht, but a leevin' pooer [living power] in a' warl's alike [all worlds alike].

Him 'at gangs to God wi' a sair heid 'ill the suner gang til 'im wi' a sair hert; an' them 'at thinksna he cares for the pains o' their bodies 'ill ill believe he cares for the doobts an' perplexities o' their inquirin' speerits.

[Him that goes to God with a sore head will the sooner go to Him with a sore heart. And them that think not He cares for the pains of their bodies will less believe He cares for the doubts and perplexities of their searching spirits.]


George MacDonald, Donal Grant, "A Sunday."

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