Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wicked Women choppers on the way

Customized Bikes for Wayward Women!


Just kidding about the wayward women part, but the name is for real: Wicked Women
TM choppers!

The company's unofficial motto is, "Well-behaved women seldom make history." CEO Christine Vaughn seeks to build choppers fit for women, right down to the pink flames. As for the Wicked Women
TM name, Christine says it is inspired by the bad girls of the Old West.

The first model will be called the Shady Lady, sporting a 96 cubic inch -- 1,600 cubic centimeters -- S & S motor, custom pipes, and 'enough chrome to cause blindness.' All topped by heart-shaped flames in fingernail polish pink!

Really, with 635,000 female bike owners, it is a brilliant idea -- a gold mine in the waiting.

All except for the
Wicked WomenTM part, that is! But, come to think of it, what better way to honor that esteemed female in your life? The perfect gift, lol! "Hey baby, here's your own Wicked WomanTM chopper just to show how much I care!"

Her response: Slap! Smack! Oooooooooohhhh! It's a female Harley! Thaaaaank you! Um...I didn't hurt you did I?

Somehow I think there is a flaw in that marketing strategy somewhere, lol.

But I guess until we get
Righteous WomenTM bikes, these Wicked WomenTM ones will have to do!



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