Monday, October 03, 2005

Birthday prayer

Last year, my sister sent me this photo for my birthday. No one knew this picture existed, but she found it in some of her stuff. It is a snapshot of my seventh year birthday party…replete with Mom’s homemade pizza, a cowboys and Indians cake, and mugs full of iced tea. Mmmm! What more could a boy ask? :-) Truly, king for a day!

I look at the picture, and it takes me to another place: Dad with his arms on both sides of me, leaning over for the photo [his crutch hidden behind me], Layne looking cute as a button [Layne, what happened, bro.? grin, lol], table spread in goodness. What love! It takes me to a place in time, the old Josephine homestead and a family built on love…not perfect, no! – After all the Mershimer boys were part of it, lol…but, truly a heritage where we were taught things of faith, of life and relation to God.

I look at Dad in this picture, healthy and hearty, with that classic look on his face…and I grieve his passing. I grieve the illness that took him before his time…the reality of sickness and death that we all must face in this human story…

But, I guess, most of all this picture tells me I am blessed. Everything about it speaks blessing -- even the ironed dress shirts which Mom insisted we wear...are signs of love and care.

I was given what so few children have…a blessing that many humans cannot claim: the heritage of righteousness, the comfort and safety of a sacred hearth, a table of love.

Thank you, Dad and Mom! And thank you, most of all, to the God and Father…of our Lord Jesus Christ! Abba, you’ve granted me, in Spirit and family, things I can never deserve. You are so good...

Thank you!

On my birthday I bless you, great Holy God who has so blessed me…

Please make me worthy of these blessings…

In Jesus’ name I pray,



Anonymous said...


I had no idea your birthday was today ... a very blessed and happy birthday to you! I'm glad you're blogging - it gives me a chance to hear from you more than just a few days out of the year. All God's blessings on you!


Jennifer Sillings said...

Happy Birthday Friend of Mine! Can't say I absolutely remembered your birthday was today either, but a helpful blog notice helped me out. :) Hope you are enjoying every minute of your blessed birthday. Eat lots of cake and ice cream and let everyone know how old you are. Talk to you soon.

God bless,

Jennifer Sillings

Loy Mershimer said...

Hey Joe and Jennifer!

What a surprise and blessing to hear from you...I didn't even know you knew about my blog, and to hear from you on my b-day is a double blessing. Thank you!

Please tell all my OKC friends hello.

And thanks again for the kindness in words! You helped make my day.



Allen Patterson said...

I'm a day late (and a dollar short!) but Happy Birthday!! Thank you for reminding us of our blessings. I know that one day you will get to feel your dad's arms around you once again. Thanks for sharing your life and ministry with all of us.

Loy Mershimer said...


Thanks, bro. I appreciate those words, and receive that blessing. Thank you!

And, back at you: thank YOU for blessing me with your life and ministry. You and your family are special, without doubt.

Have a great day, and thanks again!


Patrick O'Hannigan said...

Belated birthday wishes, Loy! I'm glad for our friendship and occasional correspondence. Virtual reality is no great shock to those of us schooled in mystical reality.

I'm an October baby, too, only my birthday is on the 23rd.

Loy Mershimer said...

Thanks, Patrick. I've been blessed by your life and words...virtually and actually. :-)

And, I agree: the communion of saints is a powerful reality of grace. Once experienced, it cannot be denied...touching and instructing us over time and space. Awesome!

A very happy early b-day to you, too!