Friday, November 18, 2005

A windswept november day


winston7000 said...

My mother, who died at nearly 98, was a walker. She never learned to drive and most of the time did all her own shopping with a cart. Whenever someone complained about the weather being too extreme in one way or another, she would reply that God made only beautiful days and that all you needed to do was look.

Your post reminded me of just how blessed we are in these latitudes with our change of seasons. November began like late summer and wound up mimicing January.

The local newspapers are all full of dire warnings about the onslaught of winter. As if we all had to huddle in our draftless, 70 degree homes, worrying that our furnaces would break at any moment, or flee south to semi-tropical areas because of a bit of physical discomfort.

But few people, except some older Asian and Russian immigrants in my neighborhood, bother to really walk any longer. The vast majority that drive seem overwhelmed by the slightest semblance of rain, sleet or snow.

The winter is never a threat in this century and place if one accepts it as a special blessing from the Lord--and as a annual reminder of our own transcience here on Earth.

Let the wind and the cold blow upon us and praise Him who made them.

John Hetman
Niles, IL

PS The elderly and infirm almost always have someone watching out for them when the weather becomes really bad.

Loy Mershimer said...


You are so right about the stance of faith as changing circumstances! As you put it so well, "if one accepts it as a special blessing from the Lord" even the 'bad weather' of life becomes an occasion to dance [in God].

This morning I drove to a little auto shop on the border between Oak Park and West Side, and as I turned the corner to return, there I saw a handicapped African-American gentleman guiding his motorized wheelchair down the street. And on the back of his wheelchair was taped a simple hand-lettered sign that said, "Jesus is Lord!"

And I thought "wow!" What praise! What praise that wells up from such a heart of who would dare use his infirmity as a vehicle of glory! The rocks will never cry out as long as that man lives!


So, we embrace the weather -- life's challenges -- as we embrace our Lord, and find, in the act, that the air echoes with the glory of the Eternal.

Soli Deo gloria!