Thursday, April 12, 2007

Little girl...

Eyes wide open.
Confusion flooding

Her nightmares are coming true.
Abandoned and alone, she waits.
Perhaps a rescuer will come and take her away.
Perhaps a god will show her the way.

Wait and wait she does
But silence is all she knows.

The day has come
When all have gone
And now she is alone.
Alone and scared.

She is left to fight for herself.
She must now take the rings and overcome.

But something is not right.
For she is so little,
So small, so weak
And the task seems so tall.

Night and night she cries alone
But nobody knows
And more than that, nobody cares.
So she learns to hide the pain...

Read the rest of the poem by Jordyne at Jordyne's world.

It is an evocative and moving picture of a girl's heart, seeking solace, yet finding none... until being held by her heavenly Father. Thanks Jordyne for sharing your world with us, and your faith!

Visit her site and tell her if her words touch your heart in grace!

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