Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sam Thomas presses the battle for orphans

Hopegivers orphan care carries on in faith

Hopegivers International is sporting a new website, fronted by recent coverage of Dr. Sam Thomas, and his return to India. Dr. Sam was recently reunited with his wife Shelley, and their boys, after being separated from them for 14 months. His time with them was brief… and he returned to India, to carry on for the orphans there.

It all sounds so easy, so clinical, but the reality is truly life-threatening. Sam is risking his health, his freedom and his life for these orphans. He’s already been persecuted terribly and imprisoned, facing threats spoken and physical. Like Nehemiah, Sam has many high profile enemies who seek his life. And yet, also like Nehemiah, the cause is worth the risk.

He’s offering himself to stand in the gap for the orphans, to take a lead for the work there. As the article states,

There have been many setbacks and obstacles for the ministry on the India side over the last year. And as much as he suffered through the persecution, his real heartbreak was for the hundreds of children who were forced back to the streets when the orphanage licenses were revoked last March. Since then, it's been an uphill battle all the way, trying to get them reinstated so the kids can come back. Any day now Sam is hoping to hear the news that the orphaned and abandoned kids – his kids – can come back home.

In Sam’s words, “I breathe, sleep, dream, and talk about my goal and deepest desire – one million orphaned and abandoned children raised up for God.”

That is a passion worth giving one’s life for! Read the whole article here.

Sam’s departure words from Atlanta airport are reminiscent of the Apostle Paul, as he stood at safe harbor and said, “I must go to Rome for the sake of the gospel, whether I am free or bound!” Essentially, Sam looked at the reality on the ground in India, and said, ‘I am willing to be free or bound for the sake of saving orphans.”

He entrusted his wife and boys to the God who does all things well, and then flew to India – facing threats, persecution, intimidation, legal manipulation, and spiritual warfare… all for the sake of the call. He doesn't know for sure if he will see them again, but he is driven to the calling of saving lives: a million orphans in his vision.

God bless you, Sam Thomas! You are in our prayers…

For those of you who want to be a part, offer your prayers today, and consider visiting the new Hopegivers site and making a donation for orphans and leaders.

It will be a small part, a cog in the wheel of integral orphan care and deep sacrifice!

God bless you too, for your care!



Liz Dawson said...

I miss those kids! Even after being home a year, I still think about them and miss them just as much as I did the fist day back. Keep them in your prayers. I recently uploaded a ton of pictures to my photo site:

you should check it out sometime, they are sooo precious!

Thanks for all the updates!


Loy said...

wow! Thanks so much for some awesome pics, Liz! really good stuff, thanks so much...

It's true: those kids are so precious!

And yet, they would be thrown away like trash -- until caring believers stepped in. God bless you and all those caring believers who have given of their lives to reach "the least of these," the ones He loves!


Dorota said...

Hi Loy, do you know any people/organisation working for orphants that need full-time volunteers in NYC? I'm interested in this kind of work and looking for some info.
Thank you for sharing the precious things on your site and bringing new hope to this world. GBU! dorota

Loy said...

Hi Dorota,

I personally don't know any outreach like this in NYC. However, I'll ask some friends of mine about this... in the meantime, click on that Hopegivers link and send them an email. They do really good work and have lots of contacts around the world. They just might be able to connect you to a good ministry there in NYC...

Where are your areas of interest and experience, btw?

And... thanks so much for your encouraging words! :-)

Have a great day,


Dorota said...

Hi Loy,

Big Thank You for your help so far. That's a good idea I'll send an e-mail to Hopegivers. If any of your friends knows something on NYC kids let me know, please.

As for me, I've had experience working with children, but not orphants. I worked in a school for seven years back in Poland. Well, I've always wanted to be a vet (I love animals esp. dogs:)but ended up as a teacher... Never planned that.

Since I came to Wales I haven't been working with kids and I miss it a lot. I'd love to work with homeless, abused children very much. I believe Jesus cries when He sees them suffering so much. So many of them do not know God's love... I'd just like to share Jesus love with them and give them new hope.
Do you work with children, Loy?

Thought you may like to see that clip. Really moving. Click on

God bless you friend and all you're doing in His love. Have a great weekend!

Loy said...

Hi Dorota!

I definitely agree with you that reaching out to at-risk children is the work of Christ: the hands and feet of Christ to the least of these.

Integral work!

I do work with children but mostly teens, and it is rewarding -- hard work, but meaningful... life in the calling is always significant!

Thanks so much for your commitment and encouragement... very much appreciated! Also, I hope to find out something soon about ministries in NYC, so if you send me your email I'll update you on email [btw, my email is my name @].

Anyway, have a great day and God bless you too!

p.s. I especially like dogs too, lol. God created the perfect companion for humans in this creature, imo! :-)

Dorota said...

Hi Loy! Any info-news on NYC kids for me? I've tried to send a message to Hopegivers, but had problems on their site. Seems it didn't work. Have you got their e-mail? I couln't find it, there is only fill-in form page.
I've sent you an e-mail too. Hope it was the right address and you got it. Check in spam too.

God's grace blessings be with you!