Friday, February 08, 2008

Archbishop of Anglican Communion seeks adoption of Islamic Law

Ok, my mind is blown now.

The leader of Anglicanism is advocating for a future adoption of Islamic Law in England. Read his transcript here, and check out the positive nuance with which he spins the acceptance of sharia. Read these comments, and if you've read That Hideous Strength, you'll shiver at the chill: it's like hearing the character Withers talk -- except this time as leader of the "One True ChurchTM ."

Looks like the faithful persons in the Anglican Communion will have to discover another One True ChurchTM or somehow discover the New Testament definition of the Church [the truth uncovered in the Reformation]! Or, be left serving Allah and Muhammad by proxy, with the One True ChurchTM...

Another article here: Canterbury Tales of Dhimmitude.

Hmm... do we need Lent this year or what? Repentance, confession, humility... to our prayers!


Glen Reynolds adds incisive commentary:

It's interesting, however, that Rowan Williams need have no fear for his personal safety after saying that Sharia is inevitable in England, while had he said bad things about Sharia the reverse would have been true. Under such circumstances, is behavior like his surprising?

Plus this: "I've just been speaking with a Muslim friend who has always opposed sharia law. 'Where does it leave me', he asks, 'when the Archbishop of Canterbury is calling for sharia?' The beautifully hostile press reaction to Rowan Williams' disgusting views is the only aspect of this story that could provide any hope. But the story is running big across the Middle East, and people there are seeing Britain's surrender to sharia played out on a news-loop. Do we think that Islamic extremists in the Middle East and beyond will be be more demoralised or more emboldened by this news?"


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Hey! I heard about this news blip. Is he insane? The girls and I at the office decided he was crazy.

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