Monday, February 04, 2008

A really big hole!

A story from back in the day: Jed and Ira Clampett were out hunting… they struck out across the hills, discovering new territory, and sure enough, they came up to a big ravine, a huge hole in the ground.

They carefully approach it, in amazement.

Jed says, “Wow, thet thar’s some big hoal, Ira! I cain’t evern sah the bottum… wand’er how deep ‘tis?”

Ira says, “Beets me, Jed! Leyt’s thraw sumethin’ down thar an’ leesten and sea how lang h’it taykes ter hit bottum.”

Jed says, “Thayt’s a raht fin’ idear, Ira! Bayck thar awhays is an ohld transmissin’ – giyve me a hand and weel thraw h’it in an’ jest sea…”

So they pick it up and carry it over, and count one, and two and three, and throw it in the hole. They’re standing there listening and looking over the edge and they hear a rustling in the brush behind them. They turn around to see a goat come crashing through the brush, run up to the hole with no hesitation, and jump in headfirst.

Well, they just stand there looking at each other, befuddled: they look at one another, look in the hole, look at one another, look in the hole, trying to figure out what it was all about… soon an old farmer walks up. “Say thar,” says the farmer, “you fellers didn't happen to see my goat ‘round here anywhere, did ya?”

Jed answers, “Wal now, hain’t that the funneyest thang you should ast. We was jest stannin’ hyar a minnit ago an’ a goat comes runnin’ h’out theese hyar bushes goin’ ‘bout a hunert miyles an hower… and dangdest thang… h’it jumped haid first h’into theese hyar hole!”

And the old farmer said, “Now boys, that's just impossible! I had him a’chained to an old transmission!”

grin. :-)

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Y Not? said...

Hey Loy,
I just thought I would stop by and let you know that I love you and I pray for you.
Tony T.