Friday, February 01, 2008

A bluescale slough: beauty in a moment

Florida, thou art a worthy woman, with a soul as wide as the sky and eyes like the grey of the sea on a windswept morning...!

Sorry, the romantic, poetic side just emerged, lol. :-) And for good reason: there is beauty aplenty at every turn... and there are classic Florida adventures [and people] awaiting every day! Here is a picturesque moment at an everyday scene. Enjoy!


Jordyne said...

yeah, i haven't heard from you in a while. Im gonna try to keep this bloging thing a lil better....I slacked off a lot last I have two blogs going, but one is for a spanish

how is the new position? Everything going okay? I have an interview with Mosaic church tuesday morning at 10:30 and I would really LOVE some prayer if you think of it! I cant get my mind off this internship!!!

Dori said...

It was fun to go to church and spend part of the day with Layne and Deborah yesterday. I got to catch up on you too...were your ears burning! Sounds like you've got a lot of great stuff going on! Drop in on my blog sometime!