Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Economic freedom and quality of life

Everyone should watch this short video. It illustrates what happens to quality of life whenever a country's economic freedom is destroyed -- usually in the name of 'economic justice' or socialism or entitlement programs, all ostensibly undertaken to 'help the poor,' etc. [Note: Believers should be all about helping others, but when the political/theological language of poverty is used to destroy the very country that helps the most people out of poverty, clear-eyed persons should be able to see the difference.]

There are deeply flawed assumptions, nay, even deadly assumptions in the entitlement philosophy that is sweeping our country. These unstated, deadly assumptions will shatter our nation if we continue on this path -- a path we started down in the name of helping people, all the while hiding the assumptions based in that definition of help.

The best thing that any country can do to fight poverty is provide economic freedom.

And, an even deeper issue in our current economic woes is spiritual freedom: we no longer can ignore the necessary moral component of benevolent action [e.g. what role should the State play in benevolence? When does benevolence become immoral and hurtful if not guided by divine principles? And how does benevolence enslave the very people it purports to help? etc.]. We no longer can hide the assumptions based in our definition of help. To do so is to tear down the finest country of the world, and most remarkable constitution in modern history.


Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.

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