Friday, June 10, 2011

Number one victim of hate crimes?

Attacks on Jews are increasing -- even in the Western world

Barry Rubin reports:

Now the figures for “hate crimes” in Canada have been issued and guess what? Like the FBI’s statistics for the United States, the number one victims of hate crimes are... Jews. Indeed, 71 percent of the hate crimes in the religion category are against Jews. The Jewish proportion of Canada’s population? Around 1 percent. That’s 71 percent of the hate crimes on a religious basis against 1 percent of the population.

Think about it: 71 percent of religion based hate crimes are against one percent of the population. Now that's some mind boggling math. Enough to make a person curious, right? I mean, who could be responsible? What groups and individuals are behind these reprehensible attacks on Jews?

It's pretty easy to figure out. This hatred of Jews seeping into the Western world and western media outlets [under the code language of anti-Israel] only mirrors the rise of antisemitism around the world. Look at the recent advertisement campaign in San Francisco, where they are seeking to ban the rite of circumcision: blatantly antisemitic [click on the pic and compare it to Nazi campaign posters -- sickening].

A thinking person might ask, 'What makes such evil advertising acceptable to the cultural power brokers?' How can this occur in our nation without vast hue and cry? Where are the honest media persons? Now look at president of Iran openly calling for the destruction of Israel. Or the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood declaring that they are called to finish what Hitler started. Or the president of Syria paying 'protesters' a thousand dollars per person to foment on the borders of Israel [while concurrently murdering and jailing thousands of his own people]. There is something happening in our world, in growing hatred of Jewish people, that is eerily similar to the sentiment that caused the demonic pogroms of Germany and Russia, and the attempts to destroy Israel in 1948 and 1967. No, we aren't there yet, but we are certainly at the point where clear-eyed people can see what's coming; and unless we speak against it, we are culpable.

Article here.

It's time to take a stand.


UPDATE: In a related link from today from Powerline: Yale Loses Interest in Antisemitism.

Hat tip: the intrepid Glenn Reynolds.

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