Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Autumn symphony of field and sky

I just love the way the brown autumn soybean fields contrast with the blue autumn sky, and turning leaves. It turns any combination of field and trees into a potential masterpiece -- add in the sun and sky, and the picture is complete! A great time of year!

And, the art is layered in meaning. This scene, and hundreds like it, combine divine and human elements to make the painting complete: the fruit of hand and plough, fair work and filled vocation of field and farm, meeting halfway the God who makes things grow, who gives sun and rain for life!

This picture, in all its beauty, links for me what MacDonald calls the "divine round," where humans play their part in obedience to complete a divine picture. Here, work and industry are met in divine favor, sunlight and air: whole beauty!


theladyworered said...

I like :)

Anonymous said...

It has happened again!--you have blessed me so much. I tripped on your site while on a search for something entirely different nearly a year ago and ended up putting it on my favorites list. Seriously thank you. Your enteries always point me to our loving Father every time I think to come back. Many blessings I pray to you in return--and may my little entry encourage you again that your Savior and Friend is using you in ways you don't even know. ~Jennifer from California

Loy Mershimer said...

Thank you, Jennifer!

Your response is neat -- a little glimpse of grace at work. A good friend of mine often says, "God never blesses singly." In other words, when God blesses us, it is always meant to echo for others, it is always to make us a blessing. And hearing from you tonight is part of that cycle of grace...

So, thank you and many blessings in return!

in Christ,