Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A conceptually challenged artisan ca. 1446 B.C.

Tagline reads: You are a leg-end in your own time, lol!

Thanks, Layne and Deborah, for an awesome card! Somehow it fits, lol. :-) I just love the look of the guy in the pink shirt, lol -- his expression says, "Now how in the heck can I worship THAT?" lol... and look at the apprentice craftsman in the brown smock: he's wondering what he ever did to help produce such a masterpiece! Ah, no wonder Moses was so upset, lol. Idolatry is one thing, but the ludicracy of it all just grabs ya! :-) lol...I feel a new edition coming on: Bible stories according to Loy, lol.

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