Sunday, December 03, 2006

A stunning cloud display

The weather system that coated the Southwestern U.S. with snow didn't bring as much precipitation here as wind, the cold front clashing with a weeklong warm front -- the mixture ended up with rain and really high winds. And, on Friday, some amazing clouds! Here is a pic which captures a sense of the sky that day -- blue, grey, dark and light -- a mixture of bright sun and fast moving clouds. Here, the sun lights the field in the foreground, while the background is a palette of colored clouds, high blue breaking through! And, notice the wind patterns on the field!

George MacDonald says, "All nature speaks, like the flower, messages from God, the Father of the universe."
The earth underneath us is His hand upholding us; the waters are in the hollow of it. Every spring-fountain of gladness about us is His making and His delight. He tends us and cares for us; He is close to us, breathing into our nostrils the breath of life, and breathing into our spirit thoughts that make us look up and recognize the love and care around us.

What a gift to see and know this breath of God, this delightful message, in the high clounds and searching wind! Pure grace, in the flower encounter, in the pattern of field and rain!

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