Friday, December 08, 2006

A watercolor grinch Christmas

The Grinch, Mershimer edition

Here is an award winning painting by my nephew, Titus. His school is going to frame this and use it in subsequent Christmas decorations. Ok, ok -- I'm officially a proud uncle, lol.

However, perhaps the playing field wasn't equal, for the other children. I lovingly mentioned to my sister-in-law that maybe Titus had an unfair advantage, in seeing great modeling for the painting. For, as I astutely noted to her, this painting is a dead ringer for my sister-in-law on her Hulk pills, in her nightie! *grin x 2*

Needless to say, my life-expectancy just dramatically shortened, lol. If I suddenly disappear, or experience a polonium-210 kind of accident, you'll know what happened! :-)

Anyway, I hope your Christmas season is going well! Put away the grinch face and enjoy it, for awhile, lol...

Your sincerest and most wonderfulest Christmas blogger,



deborah said...

And I lovingly mentioned that someone talks awfully tall for being 1/2 a country away from said sister-in-law!
Love you, Loy!

loy said...

Love you too, Deborah, lol...

You are gracious, magnanimous, magnificent, and a host of other incredible hallmark-worthy adjectives!!


p.s. am I working off that grinch remark? :-)

theladyworered said...

Wow. You DO like to live dangerously.