Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter corn in December wind

Here is corn still standing in winter wind -- freshly fallen snow, stalks rustling, swaying to match the breeze. I really like the light in December -- December light differs in hue and intensity even from October and early November. It creates incredible pastel and sepia tones in morning and evening. It truly is a sermon in nature, a hint of Advent! :-)


Deering said...


You pictures are great. Do you take these yourself?

Loy said...

Yes, Deering -- most of these pics I take myself, although there are ones that I didn't take -- many in the archives that are in public domain. But over the last several months I've been learning more of the art of digital photography, and love it!

I've always had an eye for scenes, and a penchant for sketching and even painting, and I'm finding that this kind of photography is very close to 'seeing' the painting, and producing it. Not that I always succeed, mind you -- I probably have missed more scenes than I've gotten, but it is a thrill, still.

Thanks for noticing, though, and have a great weekend!


Deering said...

Well your photos are very good.

My wife is the photographer in our household. She has a wonderful eye (some say she even has two ;-)).

I started painting recently. I will start posting pics of them in a virtual gallery on my blog (only because my Mom wants me to).

I love to paint, just never have the time to do it as I'd like. I'm not very good, but it is a nice release! Maybe I'll take a class to try to improve.