Monday, July 16, 2007

All who see this sacred sign

Press towards heaven's portal

Words: J. Allan Warner, 1899

Tune: Ave Virgo Virginum

Brothers, join hand to hand
in one bond united,
pressing onward to that land
where all wrongs are righted:
let your words and actions be
worthy your vocation;
chosen of the Lord, and free,
heirs of Christ's salvation.

Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life,
who hath gone before you
through the turmoil and the strife,
holds his banner o'er you:
all who see this sacred sign
press towards heaven's portal,
fired by hope that is divine,
love that is immortal.

They who follow fear no foe,
care not who assail them;
where the Master leads they go,
He will never fail them.
Courage, brothers! we are one,
in the love that sought us;
soon the warfare shall be done,
through the grace He brought us!


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