Saturday, July 28, 2007

A field of clover on a misty July day

Today was really humid -- the water just hung in the air, sometimes with light, almost imperceptible rain, but mostly just with exponential PA humidity! The humidity reduced visibility, but it also created a misty, hazy look across the fields and vales. Here, this field of clover is highlighted by sun in the mists... the moisture just locked in the scent, and the perfumed smell was incredible... enchanting... like something out of Lothlórien, a gift from Galadriel! The bees were buzzing non-stop, called to the sweetness of the clover, sharing it with me... here, enjoy it, too!

p.s. click on pic to enlarge it, and check out the purple haze as the field fades into the floating mists... and note the droplets of moisture on the leaves in the foreground! :-)


Liz Dawson said...

That is gorgeous! My first thought is that I just want to run through it :) I think that would be fun.

Loy said...

Yes, lol... to run through it, and then lie flat on your back and hold out your arms and look to the sky... freedom!

but of course, you'd have to ask the bees permission, lol... they probably felt as if they owned this field! I can just imagine the honey they'd produce from such clover...mmm!


Jordyne said...

Liz! You left a comment before me! man, you suck!
haha, just kidding, i love you!

Thanks for your comment Loy. I was hoping you would read it since nobody else even reads my blogs. lol.I have thankfully found an amazing church where healing is its core and the people are vividly real and vulnerable. Its been a blessing. I wrote the essay for fun (yes, im a dork) but also because I really have seen it affect people with sexual brokenness. Im so thankful for individuals that are begining to be open about their brokenness and for the churches that are promoting healing and restoration at the same time and with the same passion as purity.

Loy said...

hey Jordyne!

you are welcome for the comment -- I really appreciate your thoughts! btw, anytime you write something neat or something you want feedback on, just send me a quick email and say, 'check this out!' ok? b/c that way I'll be able to respond more quickly.

And... don't think you are a dork just b/c you wrote an essay for fun, lol... one wise person said something to the effect that "reading makes a learned person but writing makes an exact person."

You are just trying to be exact in your thoughts, imo. And, not to mention... now that written, can help others! :-)

if that is dorkness, then hey! maybe the whole world should try it once, lol.

Jordyne said...

Hey Loy!
I think you are pretty awesome. Thanks for the encouragement like always!

I should be writing a lot in the next couple weeks because I am having surgery thursday and will be out of function for a couple weeks. Please pray for me! Ill let you know if I write anything else!

Also, what do you do? I think you are a youth pastor, but I dont know if I read that somewhere or made it up...

Help Is On The Way said...

Great shot Loy! Love God's handy work. :D

Anonymous said...

I could not figure out how to email you - but - I love your post re fields of clover. I would like to borrow the pic and description (of course giving you credit) for one of my scents. Please view at

If you would rather I not, please just email me at Beautiful writing though. Thank you! C.