Friday, July 06, 2007

A moment in July evening mists

When the sun comes out after an evening rain, it often creates a spectacular interplay of light and mists, in the fleeting moments of sunset. Here is a brief glimpse of that light/moisture show, a moment in July evening mists!


Liz Dawson said...

Hey Loy! I was in Pennsylvania this past weekend for the first time ever. It is so neat to see the state where all those beautiful pictures that you take come from. Hope all is well!
~Liz Dawson

Loy said...

Hey Liz!

Congratulations on your visit to PA! You probably are feeling much better than ever, after breathing the pristine air of PA! lol.. where were you in PA, btw?

I'm doing well, thank the Lord! And thank you for your thoughts and prayers, too! :-)


Liz Dawson said...

I was in Lancaster county, but I think I was in several different small cities, there seems to be a lot of those around there. I definately got made fun of for being from the south :) There certainly is lots of corn there! I was there for a wedding and am coming back in September for yet another wedding, so I am very excited to return.
God Bless!!
Liz Dawson

Loy said...

Lancaster is beautiful... as is all of PA, lol. But it will be even prettier in September, without question.

And, it's not so bad getting made fun of for being from the South, lol... my mom is from the South and she bears the southern cross graciously, lol. We moved from PA to TN when I was a boy, and I got made fun of in TN for being a "Yankee." We moved back to PA from TN several years later, and I got made fun of for being a "Reb." Life just isn't fair sometimes! :-)

Liz Dawson said...

no worries, I do love the South :) We may talk slower, but we are friendly! Hopefully one day I can claim another part of the world though... I talk about Africa and India so much that the kids in my class asked me if I was from there! Most days I wish I was :) I'm sure my dream will come true one day soon. Until then I will continue proudly abiding in the South (and saying words like ya'll and ain't)

Loy Mershimer said...

Well, just maybe... perhaps the South is a mission field, too! :-)

lol, j/k you... seriously, God will honor your heart, but the process is never easy! Remember, waiting on God unites our heart to His heart, and this is difficult, but true.

Sometimes it seems God treats His friends the hardest, and yet, on the other side, we see it is grace and pure love: He has our best interests in mind at every point, even the waiting room!

God bless you as you wait and pray!