Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A connection between repentance and true love

Human interest, an expression of a spiritual and relational truth: on days of true penitence before God, young Jewish men and women were trusted to choose their mates -- at other times, parents and family arranged the matches, but in times of repentance they could choose for themselves... for it was then they could allow God to make the choice in them.

Listen to Rabbi Yonason Goldson:

The Talmud explains that on all other festive days, the Jewish court would dispatch officers to prevent young men and women from social contact that might lead to impropriety. But on Yom Kippur and Tu B'Av, the judges found no cause for concern. On both these days, the atmosphere of repentance and spiritual commitment permeated Jewish society so intensely that impure motives never entered the minds of young men and women seeking marriage. True, attractive women might flaunt their beauty and women from prominent families promote their lineage, but the rest would say, Make your choice for the sake of heaven.

Interesting, no?

If we want to understand and enter true love, the path is in prayer and penitential observance -- not in "You gotta get out more!" or the subtle pressure of our circle! Quite a lesson for our culture...


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