Thursday, March 20, 2008

Postmodern eloquence

The use of language to obscure meaning

Ron Coleman on defining eloquence:

It is rather ironic how the definition of eloquence has devolved. It once meant a talent for powerfully, persuasively and elegantly communicating ideas. Now it is used to describe the use of pretty language to obscure meaning.

There are other words for that.

True. But the discussion needs to go a step further: The reason why the definition of eloquence has changed is that the definition of truth has changed. Most postmoderns [specifically, leftists] no longer believe that words reflect ultimate reality; therefore there is no contradiction when words only serve self-interest; scilicet, a speech is primarily judged by its presentation and not its inner meaning or metaphysics.

If you want to discover the real beliefs of BHO, don't look at his fine-sounding words; look at his actions. Look at his votes and non-votes, his long-term commitments, the staff and associates that he has chosen [before the glare of public attention surfaced]. Flee the rhetoric and look at the man, if you want to know the truth. A man is as he does. And such a look at BHO is very revealing...

p.s. I'll be posting more on the metaphysics of BHO, hopefully. Until then, look at the hard cold numbers: look at the votes, look at the hand-picked staff and relational commitments, look at his spiritual and political definitions [admittedly, a tough task, but the core is there... and it's not centrist, or even conciliatory, despite the smooth words].

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