Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A walkway to the sky

Here's a view overlooking dry Lake Okeechobee, wooden walkway pointed upward, birds freewheeling with tinted clouds... enjoy!


Jamie said...

Your pictures have great artistic elements. I guess if the ministry thing doesn't work out, you could always fall back on photography! :-)

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Loy said...

Thanks, Jamie!

I appreciate the appreciation! :-)

Life is full of art and I see so many artistic frames in a day... sometimes I can't get the picture, but sometimes I do... and good people seem to really like them. One good friend told me that I was blessed to capture images of of transcendent value and share them with others. Neat, huh?

:-) Anyway, thank you and I'll keep trying!

Allen Patterson said...

bad people seem to like 'em, too...
LOL - You have the gift of being able to see the shot before you take it... And that is awesome!

Loy said...

To AP and his bad people comment: point taken, theologically, of course, lol. :-)

And, thank you for the compliment on the photography, on seeing the shot first, etc. It's all in my head, what can I say? lol.

Thanks, bro!


Allen Patterson said...

AHA... from what you said earlier about seeing "so many artistic frames in a day...I can't get the picture"

...now we all know what clutters up your head so much!

Now if we could just figure out my clutter! lol

Loy said...

Hmm... what is your clutter? I'd say it's something like wanting to create the frames whole in other people's heads! To save them from seeing poorer frames... That's one or two steps beyond seeing good frames yourself, lol.

Compared to you, I have it easy!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photo, indeed Loy! How are things at you? Your ministry work?

Hope and pray you're growing in the Lord and feeding the sheep well. Stay blessed and strong for the Lord!!


Loy said...

Hi Dorota,

Things are well: busy, but good! :-)

Great to hear from you and I trust things are well with you, too.

God bless you!