Friday, March 16, 2007

Another scene from a glorious walk

This heavenly beauty demands to be shared, so enjoy! Here again, the scene is almost Narnian! :-)


Liz said...

That picture is absolutely beautiful! Sunsets are one of my favorite things... if you are ever at the ocean it is quite amazing to watch the moon rise over the water as well, it is actually red!
My very dear friend left yesterday to go to India and visit all of the wonderful children. Hopefully I will receive emails while she is there with updates, but if not I will talk with her when she gets back and will be sure to fill you in.
God Bless!

Loy said...

Hi Liz!

Thanks so much!

And please fill me in on any info you get on the kids and orphanage -- I only receive periodic updates, so it will be great to get first hand info!

Have a great night and ttyl,