Friday, March 09, 2007

The signpost of God’s laughter

In a sure sign of spring, the trees are sprouting purple knit gloves, kid size! I spotted this scene on a woodland walk, and laughed… just had to capture the moment. The gloves sign out spring, pointing the way down the trail…

Much like the laughter of God!

In considering the words of George MacDonald on the childlike nature of God, the simple tenderness and providence of God for us, a friend shared a question with me: “When is the last time you had fun with God?”

“When is the last time you just enjoyed being around God, like a child, two friends, frolicking in life?”

It is a serious question. It goes to the heart of our view of self, and our view of God…

Can you laugh with God? Can you laugh with yourself? Laughter from the heart, to the heart… laughter of the essence of life, childlike, distilled love in a moment of joy?

Or, in your mind, is God someone who doesn’t laugh, who doesn’t have time for those time-wasting things like laughter and joy… In your view of God, would He ever throw back His head and laugh from the heart, would He ever dance, eyes full of light, brimming with humor, pure joy?

Have you ever felt God take your hand and run through the fields, laughing like a son or daughter, dancing down woodland paths, skipping stones in the lake and chasing fish down the stream? Have you recently sensed God sitting beside you as you basked in wonder at His good creation, bathed in the light of amber sun, watching deer frolic and eagles soar, personally owned by the One who gives all life, who is life?

It is a serious question.

And I ask it of you, daughter, son… for it relates to your healing, your life, your destiny! A sign, a guiding light...

Are you living now, in this present moment, with the voice of God in your ears: "You are my beloved daughter, you are my beloved son…?"

This is your birthright, you know! To know this love, to share this laughter, is to receive a signpost of destiny: it will light the way for you, signing out the path that you should take, entered by your true self, your true child, in the childlike God -- surety of family and calling.



Anonymous said...

Hi Loy,
I just came upon your blog this morning as i was searching the words for Ever Living God. and i took a look around and here i am. thanks for reminding me of finding joy in God. it seems that i have been burdened with so many things and asking for things that i forget to just enjoy the moment..


Loy Mershimer said...

Hi Mel!

Many blessings to you and glad you found the blog! :-) It's so neat to be able to just enjoy God... even if for a moment! stuff happens, but underneath it all can be this drumbeat of joy in God -- as our perfect Heavenly Father... and we can always trust Him, no matter what else is going on [or what prayers we need answer, etc.]

God bless you! thanks for commenting and have a great day,

in Christ,


jc said...

Hello Loy,

I stumbled across your blog while doing a search for "the laughter of God." I liked the gloves in the trees (pointing the way) and your George MacDonald quotes. I've been thinking alot lately of the delight that God takes in us--his laughter is love.


PS "Prayer is the enjoyment of God." EM Bounds

Loy Mershimer said...

Hi Julie!

So glad you found the blog and like it! And I love your phrase, "His laughter is His love." Great truth!

God's laughter is His love.

Truly, that expresses the truth in one sentence. :-) And the E.M. Bounds quote is apt, too. good stuff!

Many blessings and thanks for the note!