Thursday, March 01, 2007

Falling into Narnia

A February day in PA... keep in mind the wonder of what you might find: a sudden snow, frosted spruce and pine, calling winter fields, a fall into Narnia! Here the scene is so Narnian that it begs for talking beavers and the roar of Aslan! but be careful on your exploration: always remember the lamppost direction! :-)


w2wkb said...

It's apparently a beautiful time of year where you are, not here. No snow, just chilly. :-) Is your rss feed turned off on purpose? - W,

April Harrelson Nelson said...

Hi Old friend!
Just happen to trip into this blog.
Let me know if you get my post.

Purple Birdie said...

LOL. Loy knowing you, you'd better tie a string to it. ;P J/K
Love ya~Jen

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha! lol - Jenn got that one right - pssst... here's some string...


Loy Mershimer said...

hi April! great to hear from you! :-)

and WB, shoot me an email and I'll explain rss...

And on getting busted by purple and AP: ok, ok -- I admit it, I'd need a string not to get turned around on a lost adventure, lol... and this might bother me EXCEPT for the fact that I want to get lost in Narnia, lol.

I want to get hopelessly turned around, enmeshed in adventure and Aslan and Narnian redemption, and only find the lamppost years later, stumbling upon it as a loyal king exploring the wild lands on his borders -- just like the book, lol.

yep. As Tolkien put it:

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost..."

or something like that, lol.

Purple Birdie said...

lol. true. true. right there with you.