Wednesday, March 14, 2007

He is sovereign over even this!

Who is this? He commands even the winds and water and they obey Him?

Luke 8:25

Even this…

Amy Carmichael

Is there something you are facing – whether in your outer circumstances or in your inner character – that seems impossible to command? Something that has baffled you and outwitted you a thousand times, and appears that it will win over you in the end? Some as deaf to your command as the wind, or wild waters?

Don’t despair. Don’t shrug and give up.

Our Lord – your Lord and mine – can command even the most difficult, unruly thing that seems as if it will never be commanded.

Let His word “even” be a comfort to you. He who commands even the winds and water [and they must obey Him] – He can say to that “even” of yours, “Peace, be still…”

And there will come for you “a great calm” [Mark 4:39].

Remember… there is nothing you are asked to do in your own strength. Not the least thing, nor the greatest.

God, who is all the while supplying the impulse [to obey and overcome], giving you the power of inner resolve [to see it through to victory], is also giving you the strength to perform [under pressure] and to carry out his good pleasure. [Philippians 2:13, Way’s translation]

All the tremendous forces of nature – weather and politics and human nature too – are at the beck and call of our God. Each has only a faint shadow of the spiritual power that is His, and that He is ready to send forth for us.

Isn’t that amazing?

How utterly foolish it is to plead weakness when we – even you and I – may move into the stream of that power. If only we will…


My Father, I choose your strength over my weakness!

For today, I will step out of the role of Lord and Judge… and I’ll strike the word ‘impossible’ from my thoughts!


Amy Carmichael, Thou Givest – They Gather, pp. 19-20.


Purple Birdie said...

Thank You Father God for Your neverending love, mercy and grace!

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